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Made in Australia from recyclable materials

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Face shields for yourself, your staff and your loved ones. - Ned's Head.

With certain employees required to work in essential services, and some people visiting these essential services, Ned's Head face shields add a layer between the wearer and others.

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This is an important time for the Australian community to unite and do all we can

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avoid touching your face and mouth when using common property..

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Ned's Head Face Shield 5 Pack
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Ned's Head Face Shield 18 Pack
Save $117
Ned's Head Face Shield 40 Pack
Save $364

Ned's Head Personal Protective Face Shield is designed to add a layer of protection from sneeze, cough or other airborne particles. It allows for good vision while being comfortable to wear. The shield helps hygiene habits by reminding the wearer that they cannot touch their face, and not to eat or drink while wearing the shield.

The Ned's Head shield has been designed for single shift work use and the visor has an anti fog coating. It is extremely light and many customers forget they are even wearing them. The shields can be cleaned and are resistant to most cleaning products however abrasives will wear the anti fog coating and may eventually scratch the clear visor.

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Size One size fits most
Color * Black or White Foam / Clear visor * colour is not selectable
Materials Plastic and foam
Use PPE - Designed for maximum single shift use

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